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WHAT DOES IT COST TO HAVE BACON DELIVERED? We deliver in the South Hills for free… I said “free”. However, if you or your recipient live outside of the South Hills of Pittsburgh, PA, there is a $19.99 charge to have a package shipped / delivered.

12 ounce Pack of bacon ($9.99)

Regular Ordering: Do you want bacon this week? Order here and get bacon delivered to your home. We also offer a three-pack assortment.


MOnthly Subscriptions

Stop all the shenanigans and get yourself a subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Gifts (Subscriptions or one-time buys)

Bacon makes the perfect gift. Click here and see our options for gift subscriptions or one-time gift purchases.

12 ounce Scrap Packs ($4.99)

We make all of our bacon by hand. We try to include only the best slices. That means not everyone gets invited to the party. End chunks, short pieces, fatty pieces, thin pieces… they all get together and throw their own party! We call that a scrap pack and they are great for omelettes, frittatas, egg scrambles, etc.