We offer three recipes. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials!


Maple & Black Pepper…

How can you make bacon and not have a maple black pepper recipe?  Well, you can't.  We cure our bacon with maple syrup and ground black pepper.  Our process results in a sweet yet peppery flavor that the kids will love.  Mom and dad are going to love it, too.  


Honey Bourbon…

A beekeeper gave me a mason jar of honey.  I wanted to do something nice so I cured a pork belly using his raw honey and some small batch bourbon.  It turned out so good that I made it a standard recipe.  This bacon is sweet with a subtle bourbon bite.  I hope you enjoy it! 



I want to have something for the person who just wants good flavorful bacon without any sweetness.  The recipe is a mix of peppers, garlic, thyme, nutmeg and other spices.  It’s becoming a local favorite. I hope you enjoy it, cowboy.  


Peter Rabbit (SOLD OUT)

As of 4/15/19 this product is sold out. We apologize for the inconvenience


Seasonal Arrival: Hey man, its Easter… let’s eat some bacon!

This recipe our take on the Easter Ham. This bacon is cured with Pineapples, cloves, oranges and honey. As always, our bacon is smoked with hickory and apple wood. This is a must try!